5, 10, No! 20 things you need to know about GDPR

How many of these type of headlines have you read recently? Your email inbox is jam packed full of them and they’ve probably been filed in junk mail or in your bin.

One thing’s for sure; preparation is key to all organisations under GDPR.  Succinct headlines and a few key points really doesn’t give you all you need to know about how to prepare.

Yes, we are selling a service, it’s a training service, it’s about data protection and it is designed to aid you through the process of understanding why and how your organisation needs to prepare for GDPR and the new data protection laws.

If your first question is “What is GDPR?”, then I’ll kindly refer you to our earlier article on “GDPR are you ready?“.  This article lays down the groundwork to help you and your stakeholders understand what it is and why your compliance journey should continue with us.

“I’ve heard that Consent is what it’s all about!” 

Consent is a big area of change to data protection law, under the regulation, but that is not the complete picture. Our article on “Consent” will clarify how this change will affect your business.

“I’m worried about these new Rights, that people will have!”

No need to be concerned, we have designed our service to help and it’s not a corny catchphrase.  Our article on “The Right(s)” gives a good overview on several aspects of the new rights laws under GDPR.

“But what about securing our systems? Surely protecting our data at its’ source is what it’s all about!”

Yes!  You do need to make sure you have adequate protection, but security is a little bit more than I.T. defence systems, tracking or lock-down, so take a look at our article on “security“, which will get you started.


What is GDPR?

“How long can we keep our data?”

Not a new area of legislation, but very important all the same.  For a little help please read our short article on “Retention”

If Brexit is your concern and how it affects your data protection requirements, then this article should give you a great insight.

Whatever your organisation, no matter what sector be.infoready, unravels the legal jargon and puts data protection into a real world context.

Training you and your staff to be.GDPR ready will be the key here.

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