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For any organisation that records information about people.

UK specific data protection training, providing a fully legislative, complaint, verified training tool that takes each user through interactive web-based learning and assessment.

Our original program be.Privacy helps to train you in existing UK data protection laws and will continue to update you on changes throughout your subscription period, bringing fresh understanding to the UK specific laws.

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  • Makes data protection easy to understand
  • Uses clear and appropriate language
  • Based on "real world" situations
  • Automatic auditable user assessment
  • Provides feedback

Who is affected?

  • Small to medium size businesses
  • Charities
  • Schools
  • Larger enterprises
  • Any organisation that processes personal data

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How are they affected?

Protecting your customer, client, beneficiaries or employees information is crucial to all organisations.  The Data Protection Act defines how organisations, including yours’ should process personal data.  be.Privacy course has been designed to help you understand basic practices of data security, delivered using real-world examples, not through tick-box questions filled with legal jargon.

The be.Privacy modules provide a clear, concise online course, with practical real-world examples which will aid your understanding of data protection.  They will also provide you the evidence that you have trained all your staff.


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1-50 users
£50inc vat
per user
  • For up to 50 users
  • £40 Admin Fee
51-200 users
£45inc vat
per user
  • For up to 200 users
  • £200 Admin Fee
201-500 users
£43inc vat
per user
  • For up to 500 users
  • £350 Admin Fee
500+ users
£42inc vat
per user
  • For up to 5000 users
  • £450 Admin Fee

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We have a live demo available for you to try out and experience the simplicity of the system before your subscribe to the service.


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