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be.privacy |

For any organisation that records information about people.

UK specific data protection training, providing a fully legislative, complaint, verified training tool that takes each user through interactive web-based learning and assessment.

Our original program be.Privacy helps to train you in existing UK data protection laws and will continue to update you on changes throughout your subscription period, bringing fresh understanding to the UK specific laws.

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  • Makes data protection easy to understand
  • Uses clear and appropriate language
  • Based on "real world" situations
  • Automatic user assessment
  • Provides feedback

be.GDPR |

Prepare your organisation for the new GDPR laws 25th May 2018

EU General Data Protection Regulation training. Are you holding data on EU citizens? Then you need to be.Infoready for the new GDPR laws.

Undertaking our training program be.GDPR will further your understanding of what you, your organisation and your stakeholders should be doing to prepare.

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  • be.ready for the new legislation
  • Regularly updated
  • Accessible anywhere, anytime, across all devices
  • Bitesize learning
  • Administrative overview for statistical analysis